Current Trends in Young Scientists’ Research: XI All Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference (April 25, 2024)


XI All Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference

April 25, 2024


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Gamification for Learning: a Strategy for the 21st Century Learner

Baranivska N., Serhiichuk M.

Bill Clinton’s Speech “Covering the Environmental Beat: Responsibilities and Challenges”: Pragmalinguistic Aspect

Baranivska N., Tymkiv A.

Idiomatic Translation and its Challenges in Terms of English-Ukrainian Translation

Dienichieva O., Kroshko A.

Age Peculiarities of Character Formation at Senior School Age

Dmytrieva S., Plakhotniuk N., Chubenko M.

Integrated Approach in Learning a Foreign Language by Students of Higher Education Institutions

Haidai I., Khailak A.

How Music Helps to Learn English

Hyliarska O., Hornovych M.

Youth Slang in the Modern English Language

Hyliarska O., Hymeniuk D.

The Importance of English Language Teaching Methodology in Preschool Education

Hyliarska O., Mynenko V.

Anglicisms in the Ukrainian Language

Hyliarska O., Samko A.

The Use of the Cartoon “Paw Patrol” in the Methodology of Teaching a Foreign Language to Preschoolers

Hyliarska O., Oliynyk O.

Structural and Semantic Analysis of the Nautical Terms in the English Language

Kanchura Ye., Shpak A.

The Effectiveness of Product-Based Approach in Teaching Writing

Khorosh O., Malynovska S.

Die Rolle Sozialer Medien im Informellen Sprachenlernen

Kovalenko I., Atamanska M.

The Role of Feedback in Technology-Enhanced English Language Teaching: Types, Timing, and Impact

Kovalenko I., Khailak A.

Aspects Stylistiques de la Publicité Française sur le Matériel de la Campagne Publicitaire “Vivez #Likeabosch” de Bosch

Lysianiuk O., Mianovska A.

Analyse Linguistique Comparative des Idiomes Français et Anglais Avec les Noms de Parties du Corps

Lysianiuk O., Petelska I.

Modern Principles of Management and their Characteristics

Mahdiuk O., Hrin A.

Modern Approaches to Management

Mahdiuk O., Sas’ko O.

The Main Provisions of A. Fayol’s Concept in Management

Mahdiuk O., Varkhoieva V.

The Intersection of Virtual Reality and Contemporary Art: Exploring New Dimensions

Petliovana L., Kashtelian O.

University of the Third Age in the City of Khmelnytskyi

Petliovana L., Matsevych Y.

Artistic Features of Du Fu’s Poetic World

Suvorova L., Martyniuk S.



Constitutional Law of Ukraine

Bogatyriov I., Plakhotniuk N., Kotvytskyi K.

Human Values as Fundamental Constitutional Principles

Gorai O., Kosheleva M., Savitska Y.

Law Knowledge and Education at Khmelnytskyi National University

Mahdiuk O., Sokolov T.

The Importance of ‘Legal Psychology’ in the Process of Future Lawyers’ Training

Mahdiuk O., Svirshch D.

Peculiarities of Court Proceedings Under Martial Law: Remote Participation in Court Proceedings

Ostroglyad O., Sukhovetska S., Samotes S.

Important Extradition Cases Involving Ukraine

Ostroglyad O., Sukhovetska S., Tsapliuk V.

Peculiarities of Children’s Rights Protection Under Martial Law in Ukraine

Shpytalenko G., Dienichieva O., Kovalchuk O.

Legal Education of the Individual and Legal Nihilism in Ukraine

Sushytska Y., Sukhovetska S., Didkovskyi V.



Compensation Package in the Staff Motivation System

Davydovych M., Khomenko A.

Profit and Profitability of the Enterprise as the Main Indicators of Its Performance

Davydovych M., Kovalchuk V.

The Impact of Cryptocurrency In the Digital Economy

Davydovych M., Sych I.

HR-Brand as a Factor of Effective Enterprise Performance

Davydovych M., Trokhymchuk I.

Perspectives of Ukraine-EU Cooperation Within the Enlargement Policy

Herasymchuk Yu., Tarasiuk O.

Prospects for the Development of Recreational Activities on the Territory of the Shatsky National Nature Park

Kostiuk V., Plakhotniuk N., Denisyuk O.

The State of Tourism in the World

Makarevych O., Malets A.

Marketing at the Enterprise During Retail Trade

Makarevych O., Polyviana V.

The Impact of Suptech, Regtech and Fintech on the Financial Sector

Makarevych O., Vlasiuk I.

Analysing the Impact of Social Media on Enterprise Profits

Ovander N., Svysiuk O., Demianchuk K.

Organising the Work of the Cafe Restaurant Eterprise

Parnus K., Mikheeva I.

Recreation in the Carpathian Mountains

Petliovana L., Baran Yu.

Business Development During the War

Petliovana L., Franchuk K.

Impact Investing in the Context of Ukraine’s Economy Depletion

Svysiuk O., Mikriukova A., Pokhilchenko K.



Artificial Intelligence in Decision-Making Systems

Brodskyi Yu., Biliak I., Chupryna V.

Application of Agile Methodologies in Software Development to Ensure High Quality

Chyzhmotria O., Dienichieva O., Malivskyi V.

Development of an Appliance for Virtual Machine Deployment with a WEB Stack

Falkovsky I., Shadura V., Himichuk O.

Consideration of the Package of Necessary Technologies for Building the Organization’s Local Network

Falkovsky I., Shadura V., Shytov E.

The Importance of Automation Process

Graf M., Shadura V., Valetskyi M.

Designing a Backup Infrastructure for an Organisation’s Corporate Network

Holovnya O., Shadura V., Dehtayr M.

Designing a Home Internet of Things System Using Esp32 Controller

Holovnya O., Shadura V., Suprunenko K.

Translation from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence: How Humans and Machines See Text Differently

Kanchura Ye., Korol V.

User and Customer Experience

Kravchenko S., Biliak I., Ignatov O.

Advancing Research Through Video Information Systems: Challenges and Opportunities

Nesik L., Pidkamennyi O.

The Online Store Developing Technologies Analisis

Parnus K., Hamaniyk I.

AI Impact on Labour Market. Do We Really Need it?

Pasichnyk O., Kryva D.

Novel Mixed-Approach Linguistic Benchmark for the Ukrainian Language

Pasichnyk O., Sadykov K.

Silicon at the Heart of Information and Communication Technologies

Pasichnyk O., Shunevych M.

Facial Recognition Technology: Challenges and Prospects of Application

Pasichnyk O., Syrota S.

Unveiling AI’s Illusion of Knowledge

Savitskyi R., Kukharonok S., Kalinovskyi D.

Understanding the Treat of Disguised Malware Behind a Social Engineering

Shkoliar N., Bahrii M.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Shkoliar N., Savchenko S.

Analysis of Smart Home Security Methods

Shkoliar N., Kupchyk N.

Evolution of Game Design Elements in Pokémon and Animal Crossing: a Comparative Study

Nesik L., Tykholiz A., Segienko D.

Cryptographic Protection of Information

Verhun T., Kukulivskiy M.

Core Concepts of Machine Learning

Yefremov U., Kukharonok S., Yeremenko A.



Monitoring and Management System for Heat Supply Based on the IoT Concept

Brodsky Yu. , Mohelnytska L., Matveiev K.

Peculiarities of Using Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering

Boholiub N., Derevytskyi P.

The Prospects of Using Plasma Welding in the Machine-Building Industry

Boholiub N., Kolesnyk M.

Using 3D Technologies in Fashion Industry

Drozdova V., Khasanova D.

Fashion Industry: Current Problems and Possible Solutions

Drozdova V., Fanenshtel K.

Book Illustration as a Form of Graphic Art

Drozdova V., Hurnytska V.

Modern Direction in Art: Character Design

Drozdova V., Ozmen A.

The Impact of Fast Fashion and the Problems it Causes

Drozdova V., Petrova Y.

How the War Affected Fashion in Ukraine

Drozdova V., Saman O.

Nanomaterials: Introduction to Nanosize and Nanotechnology

Drozdova V., Zelinskiy K.

History of Fashion

Drozdova V., Zhelikhovska A.

The Manufacturing Process of the “Coupling Body” Part

Stepchin Y., Plakhotniuk N., Gorbaliuk S.

The Impact of the Automotive Environment on the Environment and Methods of Improving the Environmental Safety of Cars

Verhun T., Ovdiuk V.



Understanding the Development of Pharmaceutical Science in Ukraine

Bereziuk Y., Zakharchenko V.

Vaccine: Appearance and Further Development

Drozdova V., Kostenko V.

Analysis of the System of Measures for the Prevention of Addictive Behavior in Adolescents

Herasymchuk Yu., Kovalenko V., Geiko N.

Clinical Methods of Studying Cardiovascular Activity

Pyzhuk Yu., Boholiub N., Barbelko V.

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