Current Trends in Young Scientists’ Research

Current Trends in Young Scientists’ Research

Current Trends in Young Scientists’ Research

X All Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference
April 20, 2023

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The Role of Using Silent Viewing Technique

Aleshuhina M., Polishchuk A.

The Effectiveness of Using Internet Applications for Learning Foreign Languages

Bereziuk K., Hyliarska O.

Motivation for Military Activity in Different Countries of the World

Boiko O., Kanchura Ye.

A Foreign Language in the Kindergarten

Bondarenko A., Hyliarska O.

Aims and Objectives in Lesson Planning

Chernysh O.

Linguistical Potential of the Genre “Public Speech of a Politician”

Chernysh O, Chernyshov D.

Peculiarities of Film Discourse Translation

Holyk A., Turovska T.

Natural Language Processing in Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Data

Klymenko O., Mohelnytska L.

Symbols and Meanings in Selected English Songs

Kobets A., Denysevych O.

Peculiarities of Professional Training of Foreign Language Teachers in Ukraine

Kotsiubynska I., Haidai I.

The Effectiveness and Importance of the MBTI Test in Hiring Process

Kovalchuk V., Kanchura Ye.

Language Aspect of Political Correctness in English Language Culture

Kovshun T., Soloviova L.

Mental Health Care in Ukraine

Kravchynska L., Havrylovska K, Lytniova T.

Coffee Tourism in Lviv

Krupa S., Petliovana L.

Caractéristiques Linguistiques et Extralinguistiques de la Bande Dessiné Francophone «Tintin et les Picaros»

Maslova D., Lysianiuk O.

Particularités de la Traduction des Unités Phraséologiques qui Incluent les Coloronymes en Français et en Anglais

Melnyk A., Lysianiuk O.

The Importance of Knowing English as the Second Language: How it can Open Doors to Opportunities

Rak D., Hyliarska O.

Stereotypesand Prejudice through the Prism of Intercultural Communication

Rudyk A., Soloviova L.

Adaptation of Ukrainian Realia as a Separate Class of Non-Equivalent Vocabulary in English Translations on the Examples of Modern Media Discourse

Shpak A., Kanchura Ye.

Features and Difficulties of Translating Emotive and Expresive Vocabulary

Tarasiuk O., Turovska T.

Performances Based on Shakespeare’s Plays in Zhytomyr Theatrical History

Vlasiuk K., Kanchura Ye.

Emotional Burnout Syndrome

Volska R., Kanchura Ye.


Principles of International Humanitarian Law Violated by the Aggressor during Military Operations on the Territory of Ukraine

Bedrachuk K., Kuryliuk O., Kolisnichenko N.

Exploring the Intersection of Terrorism and Social Violence

Biloshytska Yu., Kukharyonok S.

Protection of Human Rights in Accordance with Universal International Law

Didkovskyi V., Sushytska Yu., Sukhovetska S.

The Role of State Bodies in Ensuring Ukraine’s Economic Security

Gomolach D., Kukharyonok S.

Can the Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Affect Climate Research?

Goncharenko V., Nesik L.

Labour Relations during the State of War

Herasymchuk V., Kuryliuk O., Koilisnichenko N.

Understanding the Causes and Conditions of Crime: a Conceptual Classification

Ivashov V., Kukharyonok S.

Permissible Restrictions of Human and Civil Rights during the Military State

Kaminska V., Kuryliuk O., Koilisnichenko N.

Protection of Children’s Rights under Martial Law

Komisarchuk O., Mykhaylovska O.

Legal Changes that should be Applied in Ukraine after the War Ends

Kulibaba A., Bohun S., Koilisnichenko N.

Mechanism of the State: Concept and Structure

Leonets A., Pavlichenko I., Parnus K.

Legal Regulation of Neural Networks

Malitskiy O., Bohun S., Koilisnichenko N.

Influence of the Totalitarian Regime on the State

Neveska M., Pavlichenko I., Parnus K.

Protection of Human Rights in Martial Law

Rafalska M., Kuryliuk O., Koilisnichenko N.

Theoretical and Methodological Principles of State Historical Policy Research: the Experience of Ukraine and Poland

Shevchuk O., Plakhotniuk N.

Ensuring the Right to Education during Active Military Operations in Ukraine

Shchedrivska V., Kuryliuk O., Koilisnichenko N.

Prohibitions and Restrictions on Human Rights and Freedoms during Martial Law

Tsapliuk V., Pavlichenko I., Sukhovetska S.

Compensation for Damages Caused by the War

Vezhnovets T., Nesik L.


The Essence of Experience Management under Contemporary Management Conditions

Beliakov D., Ostapchuk T., Zhalinska I.

Features of Dairy Products Export during the War

Chaikivska N., Yurkivskyi O., Kuznyetsova G.

The Best Places for Domestic Tourism during the War

Chornyi V., Petliovana L.

Developing Corporate Culture: a Case Study of Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University

Fedorenko O., Davydovych M.

Accounting of Enterprises’ Assets which are in the Territory of Active Combat Actions

Fedorovskiy V., Verhun T.

The History of the Forgotten State

Fedotova A., Petliovana L.

Intangible Assets

Gerus Ya., Verhun T.

Maximizing Business Performance Through Effective Time Management Strategies

Honchar R., Davydovych M.

The Need to Avoid Bluewashing to Improve the Efficiency of Company Management

Honchar R., Zavalii T.

The Current State and Prospects for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Ukraine

Hrybuk K., Makarevych O.

Exports of Ukraine in Conditions of Full-Scale War

Khomenko A., Verhun T.

From the Zone of Alienation to the Zone of Revival

Kotiash Yu., Petliovana L.

The Labor Market

Koval V., Petliovana L.

NFT’s Latest Digital Assets and Prospects for their Development

Kulak Ye., Novak O.

The Sviatohirsk Lavra: a Tourist Guide to Donetsk Region

Marchenko S., Petliovana L.

Problems and Prospects of Cooperation Between Ukraine and WTO

Moseichuk V., Yurkivskyi O., Kuznyetsova G.

Peculiarities of Writing off Destroyed and Damaged Goods During the Period of Martial Law

Mostipaka I., Verhun T.

European Experience in Customs Risk Management in Improving the Efficiency of the Customs Authorities of Ukraine

Mykhailovskiy I., Mykhailovska O.

Improving the Effectiveness of Training the Organization’s Personnel

Polyanska H., Nikolaienko S., Koval D.

The Impact of the War on Business in Ukraine

Savchuk A., Makarevych O.

Cryptocurrencies as a Common Mean of International Payments in the Future

Shyrchenko M., Kuznyetsova G.

Enhcing Efficiency Through Employee Motivation Management: a Case Study of Silpo-Food LLC

Shults A., Tsaruk I., Davydovych M.

OverView of the Role of Developing Countries in International Trade

Starushyk I., Sviatiuk Yu.

Perspectives and Controvercies of the World Trade Organisation

Tsymbalist A., Sviatiuk Yu.

Development of Effective Financial Management Strategies in an Unstable Economic Situation

Vakun E., Makarevych O.

Organisation of the Inventory Accounting Process and Ways to Improve it

Yasinska I., Petliovana L.

International Trade Models: Traditional vs Modern

Yolkina Yu., Sviatiuk Yu.

Increase of the Export Potential of Ukraine Due to Access to the Market of the European Union Countries

Zinevych K., Ksendzuk V., Kuznyetsova G.


Cyber Hygiene: Essential for Digital Security

Bahrii M., Shkoliar N.

Protection of Personal Data on the Internet

Bozhok D., Shkoliar N.

OSINT in Information Warfare

Herasymchuk V., Shadura V.

Self-Developing Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Humanity

Isaev T., Pasichnyk O.

User Roles of Administrator and Moderator: Overview and Comparative Characteristics

Kolisnyk O., Biliak I.

Challenges Faced by Transportation Services under War Conditions

Kopestynskyy D., Popovych P., Rybina N.

Transformer Neural Networks

Korol V., Kanchura Ye.

Robots with Multilingual Interaction Skills

Machushnyk O., Dynovych A.

Technical Aspects and Comparison of Virtualization and Containerization

Mahurin O., Shadura V.

Software Engineer: Duties and Responsibilities

Oliasiuk D., Pasichnyk O.

Games and their Impact on Development

Soin Ye., Biliak I.

Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Application in Mechanics

Spivak K., Pasichnyk O.

ChatGPT – Big Step in the Future?

Zahorodnia A., Pasichnyk O.


Beech Phytocoenoses of the Ukrainian Carpathians and the upper LImit of their Distribution

Konovaliuk S., Kurbet T., Sukhovetska S.

Laser Processing

Kudinova Ye., Barbelko N.

Starlink in the Modern World

Malitskyi V., Murevych Y.

Stages of Modeling the Filtering of Ground Waters to the Drains of the Rural Drainage

Ostapovets U., Klimov S.

Up-to-Date Technologies on European Railways

Yaresko S., Donets S., Ohar A.


Modern Directions of Physiotherapeutic Treatment

Barbelko V., Farfundinova V., Pysarenko Ye.

The Relationship Between Seasonal Vitamin Deficiency and Medical Student Performance

Dziuba I., Kosenko V., Bereziuk J.

The Health Effects of Vitamin d: Benefits and Risks

Khudolii L., Zablotska O., Bereziuk J.

Prevention of Household Injuries among the Adult Population

Kovalchuk O., Kovalenko V., Plotkina L.

Packaging Materials: Research and Impact on the Human Body

Kozakevych V., Dytynchenko I., Korolenko I.

Investigating the Potential Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis

Leonova B., Davydovych M.

The Analysis of Early Pregnancy Problems in Zhytomyr Region

Lisovets O., Bereziuk J.

The Crucial Role of Water-Salt Balance for Human Health

Rudenko Yu., Bereziuk J.

Psychoemotional Problems of Consumers of Cosmetological Services

Samoylenko K., Hordiichuk S.

Skin Diseases and Conditions among Students of Zhytomyr Medical Institute

Skachko K., Zablotska O., Nikolaieva I., Bereziuk J.

Drug Addiction as a Cause of Social Maladaptation

Uminska I., Samborska N.

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